Subharmonic generator module

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Controls: 4 Knobs to mix in 4 divided sub harmonics.

What does this do?
This is a vco add on or helper. You patch a saw, square, triangle , or sine wave into the input jack. Now patch the output jack to a mixer module. For example you can use the Blue Lantern modules: Sir Mix Alot, Mix Em Up, or other third party mixers. You also patch one of the original waves from your vco (this is optional as you will still get audio results, it is just fun to mix the o.g. with the sub fat waves.)
What you will hear with your gear is one supper fat mixture of harmonics. You have 4 knobs to mix in each harmonic.

The module can handle a full wide frequency spectrum.
The module is using CD4013 Flip Flop IC to do it's 4 divider break down. There is no latency, no Atmega or STM shinanigans. Take a look at the oscilloscope pictures. I sampled a saw wave, and square wave from a Simple Saw Core VCO and patched it into the Sub Generator module

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