Mini Line mixer MK2

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Codice prodotto MLMIX
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MINI LINE MIXER is a Line mixer designer especially for guitar systems. Now you can easily mix signal  from your amplifier with line signals coming from effects processors. The result? A fundamentally lower noise ratio and overall, non-digitalized warm, analog sound. Additionally, its small size and flexibility make it useful for small keyboard systems or anywhere, where a small mixer is needed.

Many people think over  about how to force their guitar systems to sound like John Petrucci  or The Edge.. However, not many know how their advanced  control systems look like. We would therefore like to get you a  step closer to the world’s top. One of our line mixers, which you may find in our product line will definitely help you achieving better level in your sound quality.

This device converts a serial signal into a parallel signal thanks to which we can mix-in effects (delay, reverb, chorus, flanger, etc.) to a base signal undistorted by digital processing. This idea comes from recording studios worldwide, where a base signal is mixed with effects from consoles, thanks to which it does not lose clarity while gaining ‘spaciousness’. If you want your guitar parts to never get lost in the mix, to be spacious and breathable and, most of all, if you do not want to distort your signal with additional noise this is a device you’ve been looking for. 

FX MIX – Adjustable control of both effect units connected to the MINI MIX. This control determines how much effect you want to blend with the original dry sound.

MASTER – Adjustable control of the summed output of the MINI MIX. Unity gain amplification is achieved when the control is set around 11 o’clock.

INPUT – Low impedance input (send from amplifier loops effects or guitar output),

OUTPUT – Low impedance main output (return from amplifier loops effects or input amplifier),

SEND 1 – Buffered mirror image signal of the main input. (processor input),

RETURN 1 – Low impedance input from the output of your 1st effect,

SEND 2 – Buffered image signal of the MIX 1 Out. (processor input),

RETURN 2 – Low impedance input from the output of your 2nd effect.

Power input – 9VAC or 9VDC/150mA 5.5x2.1mm barrel connectors center negative.

Power Supply Not Included

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