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Product code SIVCO
Category Modular synthesizers
Brand Seismic Industries
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The VCO is based on a relaxation oscillator. The integration/relaxation circuit is build around discrete high quality components. Transistors/current sink with excellent log conformance, zero temperature dependence capacitors and very fast JFETs with superlow Gate capacity for fast switching. This delivers classic sounds over 6 octaves with 0 cents deviation (8 octaves within +-2cents). The shape of the sinewave output can be readjusted with trimmers in shape and symmetry, giving even more possibilities in timbre.
A selected passive temperature compensation circuit takes care of long term frequency stability in a reliable manner, 4h drift measurement = 0 cent deviation.

All I/O signals are accessible on an pinheader for prepatching when built in.

Lowest note is factory trimmed to C0 (16.35Hz)

Tunable parameters:

  • PULSEWIDTH (lets you vary the pulsewidth of the Squarewave output from 10 to 90% dutycycle)


  • FM EXP (exponential FM input: v/oct)
  • FM LIN (linear FM input)
  • PW CV
  • SYNC


  • SAW
  • TRI
  • SQR (with the set pulswidth dutycycle)
  • SINE


  • +12V 35mA / -12V 33mA


  • Width: 12TE (60.6mm)
  • Depth: 13mm

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