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Marca Red Plate Amps
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Our tribute to the famous recording/performance amps of the ‘80’s and ‘90’s, the  RPHD100 is our recreation of arguably the best boutique amp of that era.

Faithfully reproduced and meticulously tweaked, to deliver those “player’s player” tones from yesteryear.

The RPHD100 features an absolutely full range clean preamp with bright. mid and rock/jazz switches and the smooth woody overdrive section that made this style of amplifier famous.  100 watts of  6L6 power makes the RPHD100 the star of any show. New features for 2016 - we've improved perfection! The new version of the RPHD now includes a voicing switch for matching the amplifier to your guitar type and we've made the FET input available from the footswitch with an adjustable gain level. It's like having a clean boost without the hassle of another pedal. The  new RPHD100 comes complete with a 4 button footswitch (MidBoost, Overdrive, Boost and FET).

•    100 watts of 6L6 all tube hand wired power
•    Fixed bias with external test point and adjustment
•    Hi/Lo Power switch (100 watts / 50 watts)
•    Tube buffered effects loop with active master volume
•    Bright switch
•    Mid switch
•    Rock / Jazz switch (works like a deep switch)
•    FET boost that is fully adjustable and footswitchable
•    Trigger control for adjustable gain amount
•    Cascading channels based on a blackface style preamp
•    4 button footswitch included for mid boost, FET, drive and boost

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