Mini Shimmery Module

-25% Mini Shimmery Module

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Codice prodotto BLM004
Categoria Sintetizzatori modulari
Marca Blue Lantern Modules
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Depth: 2.5 inches
Current: 10HP
Colors: Red or Black panel

What does this do?
There are 3 square wave oscillators that ring mod each other twice to produce 'shimmery' sounding tones or drones. The internal sound does not stop. When you patch from the 'drone' jack it is a constant sound. You use the A, B, and C knobs to tune each individual oscillator. Then you use the 'Tune' Knob to adjust all of the oscillators when you find that perfect sound. To the right of the module contains a TR influenced circuit that uses the abrupt dirty transistor vca to produce hi-hats or metallic percussion. I added the essential accent control to vary the amplitude. You need a gate or trigger signal from an lfo, etc, to activate the TR VCA portion of the module.

Otherwise if you want clean hi-fi sounding percussion from this unit, you patch from the 'Drone' jack to your hi quality ssm2164, or cool audio v2164 vca. The Blue Lantern Modules Stereoscopic VCA, and Hexagon VCA  can be used for example. You would also need a envelope generator to complete the patch. The Blue Lantern Modules Simple ADSR can be used.

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