FX-25 MK2 Midi Controller

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Codice prodotto MLCFX25
Categoria Amplificatori
Marca Mark L Custom
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Our FX line of MIDI controllers were built with one goal in mind: To be the most dependable, easy to use, and functional guitar system controller on the planet. Bulletproof tour grade construction, MAC & PC compatibility, and infinite MIDI options to give you full control over your rig....no comprises!

The new ergonomic aluminum casing, equipped with an alphanumeric LED display and high-quality buttons ensure longevity and operational ease.
The device sends 128 PROGRAM CHANGE commands, 128 CONTROL CHANGE commands over 16 midi channels and works with 2 expression pedals and 2 additional expanders.
The FX–25 comes equipped with a 15-position alphanumeric display informing which BANK/SONG has been chosen (1–64) as well as song title, preset and is also used for function service in program mode.

MLC FX-25 mkII features:

  • Send PC (Program Change) & CC (Control Change),
  • 64 banks/songs, each one containing 6 presets or 9 presets with expander
  • 6 preset switches (blue LED) 9 preset with expander,
  • One PRESET can send 74 midi commends ( 2 x 27 CC, 16 PC, 2 exp. pedals, 2 virtual exp. pedals )
  • 27 direct access switches ( momentary or latch ) for CC commends (12 on foot & 15 virtual or 27 with expander 1st & expander 2nd),
  • Every direct access switch can send 2 midi CC on 2 different channels (1-16)
  • Quick SAVE button (press and hold 2nd to store your settings),
  • Two (global and per preset) expression pedal port,
  • Two (per preset) virtual expression pedal,
  • Bank UP& DOWN switches - scroll through banks/songs without activating presets,
  • Direct access switches assignable up to 7 groups
  • 7 set lists,
  • Heavy-duty stomp switches, CARLING TYPE
  • Expression pedal port calibration,
  • Expander port (expander 1st & expander 2nd),
  • Software upgrades & editing software for your PC/Mac via USB2.0,
  • Easy copying presets, banks/songs, set lists,
  • Easy naming presets/songs, set lists, midi channels, direct access switches and more,
  • Individual configuration for direct access switches to operate as latching type or momentary type,
  • TAP TEMPO MODE for switch (S5, S6, S11, S12) momentary or latch – preset change won`t mess up in your tempo stored in effect processors,
  • Sends 127 Midi Program Change Commands on 16 separate user defined Midi channels,
  • Standard (5-pin) MIDI IN and MIDI OUT jack,
  • Heavy-duty RACK LINK connection (midi out & power),
  • Powered by 9VAC/500mA adapter ,
  • External power OUT 9VDC/500mA for WAH and Tuner,
  • Rugged aluminum enclosure, 
  • Size: W540 mm x D285mm x H85mm x L 40mm

On the back panel there is a  MIDI IN/OUT, power supply input , 2 expression pedal plugs, expander out, RACK LINK input and a USB  port used for programming the device with the included software and EXTERNAL CONTROL

The FX-25 mkII works with:

  • Effects loops,
  • Sound processors,
  • Switchers,
  • Amplifiers (equipped with a MIDI control module),
  • All RS-10 midi controlled devices.


Product Included:

  • FX-25 mk II Midi Controller
  • 1,8m USB cable 
  • 2m Midi cable 
  • 9VAC power supply 
  • Manual

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