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The BluesLine is a dual channel amplifier that raises the bar on guitar tone. The clean channel is inspired by the tweed era amps from the late ‘50s and the lead channel is in a league all on its own.  
The culmination of 10 years of refinement; a tweed style clean preamp and a separate drive channel with its own full EQ.  The independent tone controls and midrange boost in the lead channel does those creamy fusion tones with ease, and the partial stacklift boost lets you rock out too.  Operations could not be simpler – set the clean channel and adjust the master for the room size, then set the lead channel controls to your favorite crunch tones. With the included footswitch you can step on midboost for fusion or step on boost for rock, step on both for endless sustain. The active master volume means no attenuator is needed even for small rooms and a fully buffered tube effects loop lets you place your time based effects where they belong, after the preamp. 
Like all RedPlate amps the BluesLine is all point to point (eyelet board) construction.  Reliable, quiet and ready to enjoy for a lifetime.
 Available as a Head or 1 x 12 Combo.

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